Friday, February 17, 2012

Maltego 3.1 Open source intelligence mining and visualization tool

Maltego – Open source intelligence mining and visualization tool

Although we do not make it a habit to announce third party releases, in Maltego’s case, we happily make an exception. Maltego 3.1 is the new flagship product from the guys at Paterva and offers a range of fantastic new features and enhancements to the already phenomenal product. If you haven’t tried Maltego, you don’t know what you are missing. Some of the new features include:
Completely new graph organisational abilities:
You now have the ability to organise the graph in terms of alignment as well as setting the layout for specific segments of graph as well as the entire graph:
New views, including Bubble View which allows users to sort information on their graph in terms of relevance by either incoming links (how many different bits of information point into a node), outgoing links (how many different links point out from a node) or both, as seen below:
Additionally with the layouts there is also the new Interactive Organic view which improves the speed of graph rendering dramatically by only redrawing relevant parts of the graph that are updated. There is also the ability to lock entities in place in a graph to allow for a more human structured format. Within the entities of the graph you can also merge entities together, add notes, add attachments (either from the web or local) as well as the previous features of adding custom entity types and changing the link properties:
Lastly the investigate tab also offers users the ability to now select all entities on a graph based on their bookmark, the type of entity it is as well as the previous searching capabilities:
Once the Parerva development team get their rest, we should be seeing a Maltego 3.1 CE edition surface…we will keep y’all updated once it does. Head down to the Paterva website now, and see the awesomeness of Maltego!

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