Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hacking Into a Computer(netbios hacking) -ProRat

What is ProRat ?
ProRat is a Remote Administration tool made by PRO Group.

Conditions for Usage :
All free programs and materials in this site are only for education. We do not accept any responsibility for any kind of problems which you cause in careless usage
ProRat v1.9 Fix2 can be downloaded now :
latest version of ProRat v1.9 Fix2 which we worked on hardly has been completed and its ready for usage.

Lots of bugs were fixed and we added extra properties to this version.

As PRO Group we strongly recommend you to update you old ProRat servers to ProRat v1.9 Fix2.

Copy Pest link to download...

 All zip files are password protected:
Password for the zip files which you will download below is : "pro" (Without Quotation Marks).

 Be careful with your Security Programs:
Your security programs may give alerts or delete some of the files you download below. The reason for this is that some security programs may recognize our Public Edition programs as hack tools. Virus, Trojan, Dialer or similar programs will be never infected to your system from the programs you download from our site.

Video Tutorial:


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